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Photo Gallery Update (01/01/14)

Hey guys, hope you are all doing well and starting the New Year off in a terrific way! Just wanted to give you all an update regarding my Photo Gallery.  

Although this website is brand new, the photos contained in my Photo Gallery for the majority are from my previous website. Although there are a few that are very recent, you may have seen the others previously.

I wanted to let you all know that I will be updating my Photo Gallery to include all new photos, along with the older ones. Since this is my new website, I felt the need to have new photos in my gallery.

That being said, stay tuned and check back frequently as I will be updating the pics in the very near future.  I hope you all enjoy the new pics!  Thanks for viewing my new website.  I hope you all have a very happy, healthly and wealthy New Year!

Hugs and many, many Licks, Magicmouth (aka Desiree)